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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Guitarz September 2008 pick of the guitars on eBay

The Guitarz September 2008 pick of the guitars on eBay
Rather than post items about these guitars individually (partly because I'm not going to be able to blog for a few days over the weekend), I'm presenting for you here a round-up of what I consider to be the coolest affordable guitars on eBay right now.

So, pictured above from left to right we have:
  1. An Italian Elite Crucianelli guitar circa 1964 with immaculate pearloid finish and all hardware present and correct including tremolo arm.
  2. A Supro (1965-1968), nice simple single-pickup guitar, notoriously good sound for blues and slide.
  3. A late 60s Kingston Swinger (i.e. re-badged Teisco) in great condition and featuring a very cool and distinctive body shape.
  4. A Teisco ET-230 in metallic blue - again it's in fantastic condition.
  5. A Hofner Artist bass, also from the 60s, which not only good but is supposedly very playable too.
The Fender Stratocaster custom shop Yngwie Malmsteen doubleneck didn't make it to the list because its buy it now price of $5,999.99 is getting into the realms of silly money, and also that we've featured a few doublenecks recently, whereas the Vox Guitar Organ wasn't included because it's not in full working condition (and also the photos were very poor).

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