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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Unknown Japanese 12-string electric

Kevin writes:
Spent days trying to id this old 12 string... kind of looks like the Eko Electric you have on your blog but differs in a number of ways. Attaching a couple of pix in hopes that maybe you have a theory. Has a unique headstock, fret dots are not center lined on the fret board, had a whammy bar that’s been removed or broke off. Took off pick guard and no interior markings. Neck bolt plate says Made in Japan and has serial numbers but nothing to id with, and there was an oval plate on headstock that is no longer on it ... so ... any theory is welcome, sorry to intrude and enjoyed your blog.
Thanks Kevin. Whilst this guitar looks familiar and I feel that I should know what it is, I'm afraid I'm drawing blanks too. I'm thinking perhaps Goya or Guyatone, but that's just a very vague impression. The fact that the neck plate suggests it's Japanese rules out it being an Eko.

I'm throwing this one over to the Guitarz readership. Any ideas, guys?

G L Wilson

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