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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fender Cyclone II

A couple of weeks ago Fender released its Pawn Shop Series - "guitars that never were, but should have been" (GL had posted right away about them here). This short lived Fender Cyclone II fits to the concept, isn't it? 

The Cyclone series was created in 1997 and shut down in 2007 - it never really took, probably because Fender customers just want the 3 same models again and again (same old rant, sorry).

They could have liked this one though (a Cyclone II released in 2002), nothing as radical as a Katana or a Performer, but a well thought collage of parts of various classic Fender models - the body of a Mustang with the pickups of a Jaguar slanted like on a Stratocaster, the neck, headstock and switches are also from the Jaguar, the knobs from the Mustang, the trem from a Strat... It's a pity that such alternative guitars have no room to exist, no little niche aside the mainstream models! 


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