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Friday, October 10, 2008

Looks like a Dano but it's a TeleStar Mona

TeleStar MonaThis Silver Sparkle TeleStar Mona is another modern retro-styled guitar based, of course, on the famous Danelectro "amp-in-case" guitar. Judging by the Harmony Central reviews, people are quite impressed with these Korean-built guitars.

The modern Danelectro company (related to the original Danelectro in name only) have also re-issued this design - the Dano '63 - but I must say I prefer the look of the TeleStar, especially the headstock shape.

The silver sparkle finish on this example looks great in the photos, but I worry it might look rather naff up close in real life. I have a Fernandes Native guitar in a similar finish and it really is quite ghastly.

The body is apparently made from something called "tonium", which I'm guessing is a new brand name for some kind of masonite-like material.

As a modern interpretation of a classic design it sounds like a good buy for the Dano fan who wants a guitar that intonates and plays nicely whilst retaining that Dano vibe.

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