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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

An oddity of a guitar with a Bigsby

An oddity of a guitarThe seller of this oddly-shaped guitar likens it to Bo Diddley's rectangular guitar, but you will notice that two of the corners have been rounded off in this instance.

The neck appears to be a bog-standard Strat-replacement neck, and the builder of this guitar hasn't even bothered to cut the unfinished paddle headstock into a more attractive shape. This could have been a nice guitar but that head is just naff. (They come supplied in this shape because the Fender headstock shapes are copyrighted. The idea is you design your own shape and cut it yourself, or if you want a Fender shape - again - you do it yourself. The supplier of the neck isn't going to be sued for copyright infringement that way.)

But for me, the real oddity about this guitar is the location of the output jack near the neck on the lower bout. Why would anyone want to plug in there?

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